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Chocolate is so sweet!

   To know us is to love us!   The dictionary defines “harlequin” as   “clown- like” or “comical”, a     definition that suits our miniature dachshunds well. Thus, our kennel name, Harlequin Dachshunds.

four dachshunds   A typical day will  include one of the dogs   racing around the room, gleefully squeaking a toy in her mouth, while another one, tail-waggingly (is that a word?), jumps onto my lap to give my face a “bath.” Sometimes I’ll be working on the floor, for example, wrapping a present. Inevitably there will be a dachshund in the midst of the bows, tape and wrapping paper offering to “help” with the project. As a rule, our dachshunds are high-spirited and good-natured.  Because they are also food-motivated, they are easily taught obedience behavior and fun tricks too!

dachshund   Several of our dachshunds have been certified by Therapy Dogs    International as therapy dogs. Not only are these dogs well-behaved  for petting and handling, but we have successfully presented  elementary school and senior day care assemblies, using their skills  from agility and obedience to thrill our audiences! Our doxies  have also enjoyed participating with children in “Paws to Read” programs  offered  at local public libraries.

As you can probably tell from the photos we have shared with you on  our website, we take great pride in the dogs that we own and show. Not only do our dachshunds successfully compete in AKC conformation shows and performance events, but they are also our beloved house pets. We purposely keep the number of dogs in our kennel to a manageable number, so that each dog is personally trained and becomes a part of our family. When breeding, we strive for miniature longhaired dachshunds that are closest to the AKC standard for the breed, while at the same time focusing on their intelligence and temperament.

about Harlequin DachshundsWe have had dachshunds in our lives for more than 30 years; we have been breeding, training and showing our dachshunds in performance events and AKC conformation competitions for over 16 years.

Our puppies are raised in our bedroom until they are ready to leave their mother (about 11 weeks old.)  In this way, we have the opportunity to play with  them frequently and they become accustomed to regular interaction with people.

Because knowledge and information about the breed is important, we are active members of a number of AKC all-breed and dachshund specialty clubs. Our memberships include Dachshund Club of America (DCA), an AKC  national specialty club, as well as the Dachshund Club of New Jersey (a branch club of DCA); National Miniature Dachshund Club (NMDC), a national club which is exclusive to owners of miniature dachshunds; Burlington County Kennel Club, a local all-breed club, where we sit on the board of directors, and a local AKC performance/training club, Bayshore Companion Dog Club.

Our home-based kennel is located in South Jersey, about 15-20 minutes southeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please e-mail us if you are thinking about owning and loving your own miniature longhaired dachshund. We would be happy to chat with you about this delightful breed and to answer any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to view our dachshunds. We hope you enjoyed the trip!

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